Blackhawk Management Corporation
experts in logistics, it, training and Weapon Systems Sustainment

Reverse Engineering and F3 Replacement

When repair or replacement of assemblies, modules or equipment is not possible due to obsolescence issues, extreme costs or practical considerations, Blackhawk will re-engineer and develop a form, fit and functional replacement item that provides the same or enhanced functionality with better reliability and logistics support. We perform testing—including environment and air-worthiness certification—to verify equipment functionality.


Blackhawk has the facilities and capabilities for small quantity manufacturing of electronic, mechanical, and electro-mechanical assemblies from printed circuit cards to complete equipment chasses to internal cabling and wiring. Facilities include an operational machine shop to perform prototype and production fabrication, in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium and plastic. Electronic assembly and test areas allow for prototype and small quantity assembly of thru-hole and surface mount components onto printed circuit card assemblies. Test facilities allow us to verify functionality in power, analog, digital and RF circuitry.

Test and Evaluation

Our Weapon Systems Sustainment group has the facilities and capabilities for testing all forms of electronic equipment to include power, analog, digital and RF circuitry. In addition, we have a small Thermotron chamber for temperature testing of equipment to identify design problems over the expected operating, transport and storage temperature ranges.

Equipment and Component Obsolescence Solutions

Blackhawk has the expertise to source hard-to-find obsolete components as well as to re-engineer form, fit and function replacement assemblies for components and equipment that are beyond economical repair. We also have the full engineering resources to fully document these new items for acceptance by government configuration control boards.