Blackhawk Management Corporation
experts in logistics, it, training and Weapon Systems Sustainment

Blackhawk Management Services consist of four core areas of expertise: Logistics and Maintenance Management, Information Technology, Training and Weapon Systems Sustainment. Blackhawk has been called upon for everything from migrating 30,000 user accounts to providing simultaneous training exercises, from warehousing on a dozen bases in Iraq to refurbishing obsolete weapon systems.

Logistics and Maintenance Management
Blackhawk Logistics and Maintenance is a multifaceted operation encompassing a broad range of capabilities, from "boots on the ground" to sophisticated logistics engineering activities. Specific capabilities extend from warehousing support in Iraq for the U. S. Army to new equipment fielding support, from staff augmentation to sparing analysis for NASA's International Space Station.

Information Technology
Blackhawk provides IT solutions for technology challenges prevalent in everyday operating settings, as well as unique, austere field operations and contingency environments. Support includes integrated applications and network transport capabilities across war fighting, intelligence and business missions. Our focus is to enable leader-centric operations anytime, anywhere, at every echelon.

Blackhawk provides individual and collective skills training through computer-based trainers and simulation integrators and trainers. Both approaches are used to support the III Corps and Fort Hood Battle Command Training Branch. We serve as analysts and observer/controllers for collective military exercises. And our scenario developers are used to assist in command post exercise simulations.

Weapon Systems Sustainment
Blackhawk Weapon Systems Sustainment group provides all logistics, maintenance and engineering activities of equipment coming out of a theatre of operation and being repaired/refurbished and readied for redeployment to another location. We provide all goods and services necessary to sustain tactical airborne and ground weapon, EW and C3 systems after production through disposal.