Blackhawk Management Corporation
experts in logistics, it, training and Weapon Systems Sustainment


Blackhawk takes quality of workmanship and performance very seriously as indicated by our AS9100 certified Quality Management System (QMS). Blackhawk first received certification of our QMS to the AS9100 standard in 2006 and has maintained the certification since. Currently, our QMS is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D.

Certification Number: US011889-1
ISO 9001:2015 AND AS9100D
In accordance with AS9104/1 issue 2012-01

Accredited under the Aerospace Registration Management Program for:
Corporate Management, including sales, accounting, human resources, and security. The engineering, design, development, manufacture and delivery of products and services, including but not limited to integrated support and logistical and maintenance solutions; procurement and subcontract management; information technology; program office support, and analysis and operational support for vanishing vendor solutions in the aerospace and Department of Defense Industries.



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