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Q1.      SURVEILLANCE:   The authorized Quality Representative of Blackhawk Management Corporation (hereafter referred to as “Blackhawk”) shall have the right to maintain cognizance over the Quality Assurance Inspection System imposed on the Seller. Accordingly, the Seller is expected to grant the designed representative access to his/her facility at all reasonable times and access to areas where the production of the item(s) covered by this purchase order is taking place. Where these areas infringe on the Seller’s propriety processes of a sensitive nature, or involve security with respect to other Seller products being fabricated, mutually satisfactory arrangements shall be made with Blackhawk. The Government has the right to inspect any and all of the work included in this purchase order at the Seller’s facility.


Q2.      DISCREPANCIES:   During the Seller’s performance, any deviations noted from established drawings or specifications must be reported immediately to Blackhawk. No deviation will be considered approved without written confirmation from Blackhawk. Under no circumstances are repairs or changes to be undertaken without prior approval.


Q3.      CORRECTIVE ACTION:   Acceptance of this purchase order obligates the Seller to perform, upon request, a corrective action investigation when discrepant material is received by Blackhawk. A written report shall be furnished, within a reasonable time period, which is specific and conclusive to prevent a recurrence of the discrepancy.


Q4.      SELLER CONTROLLED PARTS:   Items furnished under a purchase order for which no Blackhawk drawings exist (being proprietary with the Seller or under their design cognizance) will be accompanied on the initial shipment by a copy of the Seller’s drawings, specifications, catalog page, etc., to facilitate Blackhawk’s Receiving Inspection. It is understood that data supplied is not expected to be of a sensitive and/or proprietary type. The product design, fabrication methods, materials, or processes of proprietary products, including those procured from secondary sources and/or included as assembly components as ordered shall not be changed without Blackhawk approval prior to supplying such products on this order. In the event of Blackhawk approval, the Seller shall identify those articles on which the change is incorporated.


Q4.A   Seller Sub-Tier Suppliers:    The seller shall flow down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable Quality requirements in the purchase order including all key characteristics, where applicable.


Q5.      GOVERNMENT SOURCE INSPECTION:   Government inspection is required prior to shipment from your facility. Upon receipt of this order, promptly notify the government representative who normally services your facility so that appropriate planning can be accomplished for government inspection. If no government representative services your facility, contact the nearest DCAS, Army, Navy, or Air Force inspection office in your locality. In the event a representative or office cannot be located, contact the Blackhawk representative who signed this purchase order. Evidence of government inspection must be supplied on all shipping documents.


Q6.      BLACKHAWK MANAGEMENT CORPORATION SOURCE INSPECTION:   The supplies on this order are subject to Blackhawk Source Inspection. Seller shall notify the Blackhawk representative indicated on the face of this purchase order 3 days in advance of when the material is ready for inspection. Where the Seller causes Blackhawk inspectors to make unnecessary trips to perform source inspection due to erroneous information, or if the Seller repeatedly submits requests for inspection of material that is not in accordance with purchase order specifications, Blackhawk has the right to charge the cost of such trips to the Seller. Acceptance of product at source is considered preliminary. Final acceptance will be at a Blackhawk facility. The Seller is required to provide all requisite equipment, records, reports, etc. to facilitate the source inspection task of the Blackhawk Source Inspector. The Seller is required to verify any physical or functional specifications as may be requested by the Blackhawk Source Inspector in the course of the inspection.


Q7.      QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM:   The Seller shall maintain a Quality Control System that complies with the latest revision of ISO 9001:2008, AS9100C, or a Quality Control System approved by Blackhawk. Notwithstanding the provisions of this clause, the Seller is in no way relieved of the final responsibility to furnish the items that meet the requirements of the purchase order.


Q8.      INSPECTION SYSTEM:   The Seller shall maintain an inspection system in conformance with the approved Quality Control System. This Seller inspection system shall be subject to audit by Blackhawk.


Q9.      CALIBRATION SYSTEM:   The Seller shall maintain a calibration system in conformance with the latest revision of ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006, Requirements for the Calibration of Measuring and Test Equipment. This system shall be subject to audit by Blackhawk. The Seller shall submit a Certification of Compliance signed by the Seller Quality Manager or his/her authorized representative with each shipment which states that the product(s) supplied is/are in full conformance with the specification.


Q9A. CALIBRATION REQUIRED: Calibration of items as listed on purchase order is required. Calibration is to be performed to a known national standard traceable to NIST (ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 2006). Certification of calibration is required with shipment as well as notification of nonconformances found with any equipment.


Q10.    CERTIFICATION OF COMPLIANCE:   The Seller shall submit a Certification of Compliance signed by the Seller Quality Manager or his/her authorized representative with each shipment which states that the product(s) supplied is/are in full conformance with all physical configuration and functional test specifications; that all raw materials used conform to applicable specifications; that any special processes employed on the product conform to applicable specifications and applicable Q-Clauses specified on the purchase order; and that inspection and test records, physical and chemical analysis, and process control data is on file and available for examination. By furnishing this certification, the Seller represents that the Seller is the manufacturer or duly authorized distributor, or agent for the manufacturer of the product.


Q11.A Inspection/Test Data:   A copy of final inspection/test data, material certification (raw material) for all units must accompany shipments made against this order. Data sheets must be identified by Seller's name, order number, part number, and revision level, and date of tests. Characteristics being tested shall be identified by name of test, applicable drawing or specification paragraph, inspection test limits, and method of testing along with the results of the test. FAR Clause, Sub-Paragraph 4-705-3 titled “Acquisition and Supply Records” shall apply.


Q11.B Visual Inspection:    A copy of final inspection performed for all items must accompany each shipment. An inspection of workmanship includes the following: free of defects, which may adversely affect the function, safety, performance, serviceability, interchangeability, appearance, or longevity of the unit.


Q11.C Inspection/Test Records:    The Seller shall retain inspection and test records for all items delivered to the Buyer for a minimum of 7 years unless otherwise specified on the purchase order.


Q11.D MECHANICAL INSPECTION DATA REQUIRED: Seller will supply mechanical inspection data (sample lot per ANSI/ASQ Z1.4, unless otherwise specified by the purchase order or contract) with each shipment of product ordered when specified on the purchase order.


Q12. CUSTOMER FIRST ARTICLE SOURCE INSPECTION REQUIRED:   First articles must be inspected and accepted by Blackhawk at the Seller facility prior to a production shipment unless otherwise specifically authorized by Blackhawk. The first articles characteristics, when specified by the purchase order, must be inspected for compliance with requirements as specified in the applicable drawing/specification, and must be so identified when shipped.


Q12A: SUPPLIER FIRST ARTICLE INSPECTION REPORT: Seller must perform first article inspection and provide a report with the shipment to customer.


Q13.    ACCEPTANCE TEST PROCEDURE:   Two copies of proposed Acceptance Inspection/Test Procedure for the inspection/test specified in the applicable specifications shall be submitted by the Seller for Blackhawk approval 30 days prior to acceptance testing. The procedure shall include the parameters to be measured, step-by-step method of test, test equipment required, and provisions for recording results in such a manner as to permit recording of each required performance in a clear and concise form. When any acceptance test procedures make reference to test fixture for acceptance testing, a copy of the schematic of this fixture shall be supplied.


Q14.    MERCURY EXCLUSION:   Each shipment made against this purchase order must contain a statement certifying that the item(s) supplied contains no metallic mercury or mercury compounds and that the Seller has taken responsible steps to ensure that the item(s) are not contaminated with mercury or mercury compounds. The certification shall reference order number, part number, description, and quantity shipped.


Q15.    PROCESS APPROVAL:   Seller shall have on file and available for review all certifications of special processes performed by sub-tier suppliers such as heat treating, finishing, etc. Special processes such as soldering, welding, heat treating, electroplating, brazing, anodizing chemical films and non-destructive testing shall require Blackhawk prior approval of processes, procedures, and personnel as applicable. This approval must be established with Blackhawk prior to fabrication under this purchase order. The Seller is responsible for and must certify to special process specification compliance by all sub-tier subcontractors, and must maintain objective evidence thereof.


Q16.    CRITICAL MATERIALS:   This purchase order covers the procurement of materials or parts, which have been designated as “Critical”. As a result, the following special Quality Assurance Requirements must be strictly applied:


  1. Due to the critical application of this material, maximum confidence of material integrity and quality is necessary. Each shipment of material must be accompanied by two legible and reproducible copies of documentation which contain total and complete material data which is traceable to heat, lot, or batch number. Traceability shall be achieved by a positive means of identifying materials to its certification documentation.


  1. Material certifications shall be recorded on the testing Supplier’s letterhead and signed by a duly authorized representative of the Supplier. Certifications supplied to Blackhawk shall be the original material certifications or exact copies thereof. Transcription of any data from any material certification to the letterhead of another supplier, subcontractor, etc., that did not actually perform the testing is expressly prohibited.


  1. Where the mechanical properties of the material have been altered by heat treatment or metal working processes, the mill certification, if furnished as evidence of material chemical composition, shall be accompanied by a certification which contains quantitative results of the mechanical test proving that the material supplied complies with the specification to which it was procured. The sole alternative to such mill source and/or heat treatment of metal working facility certification is a testing laboratory’s quantitative chemical and mechanical test report, identifiable and traceable to the furnished deliverables.


  1. The Seller shall invoke the above requirements upon all suppliers/contractors that process or supply material designated to be a critical item acquired under this contract.


Q17.    SERIAL NUMBERS:   The seller shall assign permanent, individual serial numbers to all items shipped under this purchase order. If Blackhawk elects to supply these numbers, they will be listed in the purchase order. The manner of affixing the serial number will also be specified in the purchase order or on Blackhawk-furnished drawings. Material certifications, analysis, test bars, samples, etc. shall be correlated to the serial number of an item.


Q18.    LOT CONTROL:   The Seller shall assign a common lot control number to all items in a particular manufactured lot. A “lot” is defined for this purpose as a quantity that bas been manufactured during an uninterrupted period of time by essentially the same personnel, following a standard process and using the same equipment/facility.


Q19.    PRODUCTION TOOLING:   Acceptance of production tooling on this purchase order shall be contingent on inspection and acceptance by Blackhawk. Representation of the applicable characteristics on each of the samples produced from this tooling must conform to the dimensions and tolerances as specified on the applicable drawings and specifications.




Q20.A Weldment Samples:   With the initial shipment, the Seller shall submit two weldment samples representative of the welding performed on the items shipped and in accordance with the applicable specifications.


Q20.B Test Bars:   With each shipment, the Seller shall submit one raw disc representative of the entire heat or melt suitable for spectrographic test and two test bars from the melt, heat forging lot, etc. from which the items supplied came. Test bars shall be identified and correlated to certifications supplied with the shipment.


Q21.    SHELF LIFE:   The Seller shall furnish the appropriate documentation stating date of manufacture and the shelf life expiration date. Each item ordered per the purchase order is to be marked with date of manufacture (date code), and shelf life. Blackhawk will not accept items where the remaining shelf life is less than 75% of total shelf life on bulk orders. For minimal orders, (to be consumed immediately) a shelf life of 50% or greater is acceptable.


Q22.    ULTRASONIC INSPECTION:   Seller shall perform ultrasonic inspection on all items in each shipment in accordance with the requirements of the latest issue of MIL-STD-271, and transmit a copy of the inspection report with the shipment.


Q23.    DYE PENETRANT INSPECTION:   The Seller shall perform dye penetrant inspection on all items in each shipment in accordance with the requirements of the latest revision of MIL-L-6866 or other applicable drawing requirements, and transmit a copy of the inspection report with each shipment.


Q24.    CERTIFICATION OF PROPERTIES:   Each shipment must be accompanied by two legible and reproducible copies of actual chemical and physical test reports identifiable with the material submitted. These reports must contain the signature and title of an authorized representative of the agency performing the tests and must ensure conformance to specification requirements.


Q25.    RADIOGRAPHIC INSPECTION:   The Seller shall perform radiographic inspection on all items in each shipment in accordance with the drawing requirements and transmit all radiographs and a copy of the inspection report with each shipment.


Q26.    MAGNETIC PARTICLE INSPECTION:   The Seller shall perform magnetic particle inspection on all items in each shipment in accordance with the requirements of the latest revision of MIL-L-6868 or other drawing requirements, and transmit a copy of the inspection report with each shipment. The report shall reference Blackhawk’s purchase order number, drawing number (and/or Seller’s drawing number), and state inspection findings by items—each of which shall be numbered on the report and correspondingly identified in the shipment by removable tags or other means of temporary identification.


Q27.ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE (ESD):   Electrostatic Discharge Protection shall be controlled for parts during receipt and through the manufacturing and inspection cycles, storage and shipping. Electrostatic Discharge Protection criteria, at a minimum, shall be in accordance with the latest version of ANSI/ESD S20.20 or other applicable drawing requirements.


Q28. COUNTERFEIT PART PREVENTION: “This is a rated order certified for national defense, emergency preparedness, and energy program use, and the Contractor shall follow all the requirements of the Defense Priorities and Allocations System regulation I15 CFR 700).”

“Only new and authentic materials are to be supplied and/or used in products delivered to Blackhawk Management Corporation (BMC). No counterfeit or suspect counterfeit parts are to be supplied and/or contained within any delivered product. Parts shall be purchased directly from the OCMs/OEMs, or through the OCM/OEMs Franchised Distributor. Documentation must be available that authenticates traceability to the applicable OCM/OEM”.


Q28A. BROKERS: Brokers must supply to BMC-NJ the following evidence at minimum; evidence that the parts supplied are from the OEM or that they were inspected and accepted as such. Inspection data must include enough of the following to prove legitimacy of the part; Certificate of Conformance (C of C), Part and Material Analysis Package which includes External Visual, Internal Visual, (with cross section photos and external photos) Pin Correlation, Electrical Testing, Device Description (electrical properties and dimensions).