Blackhawk Management Corporation
experts in logistics, IT, training and Weapon Systems Sustainment
Blackhawk is known for providing key personnel to support and advance the Warfighter mission. Blackhawk's certified professionals have provided full-spectrum IT support to military units and network enterprise centers, to include both Army and Air Force special projects. Our senior IT staff includes Cybersecurity professionals with worldwide experience in IT and intelligence support.

Enterprise Management

Blackhawk systems administrators and engineers provide comprehensive enterprise-level IT service management, which includes designing, implementing, migrating, consolidating, securing, managing, and monitoring enterprise environments. Staying focused on customer needs, we apply best business and cybersecurity practices to ensure continuous service availability. From identifying and gating critical enclaves to maximizing access to information-sharing portals, our goal is to provide a secure environment for our customer's automated-processing needs.

Network Services

Blackhawk has managed both classified and unclassified networks with nodes and users numbering in the tens of thousands. Since Blackhawk continually focuses on emerging and trending technology, our practices ensure a responsive and adaptive network dedicated to the unique needs of our customers. Blackhawk understands our customers' need to balance network security and network availability. We consistently play a key role in establishing and securing network pathways towards a more joint-centric environment for our globally-deployed armed forces.

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure design includes assessment of the current layout, recommended upgrade options, installation, configuration, and management. Our experienced technicians and engineers employ best practices to reduce costs, and create secure, high-availability designs that ensure continuous operation in the event of device failure. Blackhawk provides certified professionals to assist in all phases of network design and implementation, from planning to optimization.

Information Security/Assurance

Networks continue to experience attempted intrusions and malware that threaten network security and mission accomplishment. Blackhawk has a proven record of maintaining a secure tactical network for the Warfighter. From assessing and implementing Information Assurance (IA) controls in support of Certification and Accreditation (C&A) activities to analyzing firewall and Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) configurations and logs in support of incident response and remediation, Blackhawk has consistently provided the Warfighter with the confidentiality, integrity, and availability that encompass and drive network security efforts. Providing both technical and administrative IA support, Blackhawk has the expertise to navigate IA requirements and provide our customers with a balanced solution for the competing equities of mission and security requirements.


Network Spotlight

Blackhawk migrated over 30,000 user accounts—all user data, shared files, email, web, and other enterprise applications—between Active Directory forests without losing data or customer operational capabilities. This remains the largest, most successful, migration throughout the AKO (Army Knowledge Online) domain.

Infrastructure Spotlight

Blackhawk implemented a multi-honed network infrastructure, which eliminated all single points of failure. Network availability and customer uptime increased from 85% to 99.99%.

Information Spotlight

Blackhawk provided continuous service to over 35,000 users located across three separate continents, exceeding security requirements on multiple classifications enabling full range of operations to our customers. We directly supported customers in garrison, training, and deployed environments.